offers one-on-one coaching for all
ages and stages and small group
coaching for families and colleagues
from licensed therapists at your
convenience in the comfort of your
home or office.

Is coaching the right move or is therapy the way?

In therapy, reflection and introspection is the journey to which insight is gained into one’s inner workings. Insights into one’s mind, relationships, and behavior patterns help them navigate toward a more balanced and joyful life. Which is a beautiful journey for those who need it and have the time to wait it out.

Reflection and introspection are key to the coaching process but the main focus is on education, practicing skill-building, and making key connections to accomplish goals.

Coaching is the right move for those who are seeking to hit the ground running in the direction of their goals and aspirations. If we find that therapy is needed, a referral can be made by one of our coaches to add a therapist to our home team! We empower our clients to focus on their strengths and build up their established support systems to create a team approach to tackling the tough stuff life brings their way

HOME TEAM offers remote coaching sessions tailored to meet your goals. Breaking away from the medical model, we are ditching the minute per week sessions. We are flexible. In working with you from the comfort of your home or office. We are available by phone and email in between sessions. What does winning the championship look like for you? Let's make a game plan to get you there!

Our Head Coach

"Coach B"

Vasilia Billie Kasapakis, LICSW, CMT

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Coach B is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher who has been sharing her strategies and resources with her community for over a decade. Certified to lead Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Coach B offers coaching sessions to Youth, Adults, Families, and Small Groups to build and strengthen these skills on their journeys to overcoming life’s challenges.

Coach B has championed many arenas:

  • Medical settings where patients are being informed of a life-coaching diagnosis.
  • Courtrooms advocating for clients’ right.
  • Board rooms curating DEI and Mindfulness trainings and group interventions.
  • Schools providing one on one, group counseling, and academic advocacy.
  • Families’ homes setting goals and building a team-like atmosphere for parents and children to thrive.

Over the years, It has become clear that education is the key factor in empowering people to overcome the challenges they face day to day. Breaking down complex theories and skills into small steps and easy practices has been most effective in Coach B’s clinical practice. Rallying supports in one’s journey is a close second. Coach B created Home Team to bring together these key strategies in a goal-driven, solution-focused manner to best fit each person’s needs.